Concrete Crusher – Darda CC320

The Darda CC320 concrete crusher is an extremely powerful concrete demolition tools which can be used instead of a hydraulic hammer for areas where noise or vibrations are a concern. Think occupied hospitals, shopping centers, office blocks.

  • Condition: New/Demo – never used in production
  • Jaw Opening: 316mm
  • Max Rebar Cutting: 20mm diameter
  • 320kN cutting force
  • Weight 139KG
  • Hydraulic Requirements: 40L/min at 155 bar
  • For Brokk 90 or 100 or other mini excavator with sufficient oil flow and pressure

Traverse Drum Cutter 

Erkat ER100 Traverse Drum Cutter

Erkat is the world leader in traverse drum cutter attachments for excavators. Drum cutters are effectively used in many applications such as trenching, concrete demolition, quarrying, mineral excavation, tunneling, mining, road works.

  • Condition: New/Demo – never used in production.
  • Excavator Required: Brokk 160 or 260, or 3 – 7t carrier with 62L/min at max 350 bar
  • Weight: 310kg
  • Rated Power: 30kW
  • Length: 805mm
  • Width of Cutting Head: 610mm
  • Diameter of Cutting Head: 370mm
  • Number of Picks: 64

Pole Grab / Beam

Kinshofer KM930-500 Pole Grab or Beam

The KM9230-500 Beam or Pole Grapple is a hydraulically operated attachment used for positioning tubes, drill pipes or poles. It includes a tilt rotator for turning and positioning the pole or beam at most vertical and horizontal angles.

  • Condition: Very good condition, slightly used
  • Load Capacity: 500kg
  • Gripping Diameter Min/Max: 100/300mm
  • Weight: 235kg
  • Excavator Required: Brokk 400 or 800 or 5 – 7t carrier with 20 – 40L/min at max 200 bar