HEM Drill 

The HEM can be mounted on 12 ton excavators and larger and can handle any of the drifters or rotary heads manufactured by TEI. This machine operates completely off the excavators hydraulic system. Drill masts are available with up to 20’ drill travel and torques up to 10,000 ft/lbs. It’s ability to drill above or below rigs makes it perfect for retaining walls, over the road drilling or multi-pass blasting.

HEM Brochure
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HEM-40ED Drill

The HEM-40ED  large excavator drill is a specialised machine designed to install soil nails and tiebacks in a single-pass. The 40’ drill stroke allows for rapid installation, smaller crews and quick movement between holes. There are many different hydraulic rotary heads and drifters available for mounting on the HEM-40ED drill designed to solve most drilling applications.

HEM-40ED Brochure
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