Pentruder Concrete cutting systems

All Pentruder equipment is Made in Sweden. We produce precision parts in-house, from the best materials, in state of the art production machines. With over 35 years of experience from designing concrete cutting equipment, we know how to build high performance, durable systems.

Building on experience

Pentruder is designed and manufactured by Tractive AB, a Swedish family owned company specializing in design and manufacturing of two different product lines, Pentruder concrete cutting machines and Tractive motorsport transmissions. It is all about transmitting power and Tractive has over 40 years experience in design and manufacture of high quality, highly stressed gears and transmissions for high power and durability.

By manufacturing the components of our Pentruder concrete cutting equipment ourselves in-house, we have full control of quality throughout the entire production process. All machining and assembly technicians take personal responsibility from programming to finished part. This is an integral part of the Tractive strategy and quality assurance.

Made in Sweden with pride and precision

Wall saws
Wire saw
Chain saw
Core drill
HF drive system
Track system
70 mm Column system