Original Demolition Power

Brokk demolition robots are the perfect combination of trustworthy experience and groundbreaking technology for effective demolition and maintenance. While traditional methods fail to meet these needs, Brokk continue to push the limits for remote-controlled demolition.

The Definitive Demolition Robot Solution

The Brokk family continues to grow both in range and perfomance-enhancing features. This means that no matter what demolition project you are involved in, there is a Brokk solution that can help you finish the work faster, safer, and with a better margin.

The Brokk concept has proven itself over and over again. With a price to profit ratio second to none and an even greater range of demolition robots and attachments, this is clearer than ever.

Compact & Powerful

Brokk 70
Brokk 110
Brokk 120DII
Brokk 170
Brokk 200
Brokk 300
Brokk 500
Brokk 520D
Brokk 800S
Brokk 800P
Brokk EX-Series