Model: Brokk 800P

With a weight of 11 290 kg without attachment, an arm with 360 degrees rotation and a total reach of a whopping 10 meters, the Brokk 800P is a game changer for metal processing applications. Considerably larger than the other Brokk machines it has unparalleled capacity that makes it perfect for heavy duty demolition and maintenance work. When equipped with Brokk’s unique process breaker with heat and impact protection, its unmatched in its ability to handle hot ladles, converters, runners and furnace work

Brokk 800P Brochure
Weight (kg) 11300 Hydraulic SB302 Hammer + custom shield
Minimum Width (mm) 2200 Loading Bucket – 700 litres
Minimum Height (mm) 2647 * See attachments catalogue for more
Motor Output (kW) 45(Electric) 74(Diesel)
Maximum Weight of Attachment 1200
Vertical Reach (mm) incl. Breaker 10100
Horizontal Reach (mm) incl. Breaker 9600

Special Designed Breaker

Hydraulic Drill

Shot Crete

Beam Grapple