Brokk 70

The new Brokk 70 is the perfect solution for bringing safe and efficient demolition to the most confined spaces. Compared to it’s predecessor, Brokk 60, The Brokk 70 packs more than 100% extra demolition power, comes with the latest innovative Brokk SmartPower TM technology and a fine-tuned hydraulic system that makes it smoother and faster to operate. Still, it keeps te same extremely compact dimensions. Weighing less than 560kg, it fits through the narrowest doorways and can be transported in an ordinary passenger elevator. A demolition robot that eliminates all need for manual demolition work.

Brokk 70 Brochure
Attachment Catalogue
Weight (kg) 560 Hyraulic Hammer – BHB 105
Width Minimum (mm) 597 Loading Bucket – 20 Litre
Height Minimum (mm) 880 Concrete Crusher – CC260
Motor Output (kW) 9.8 Grapple – G30
Oil FLow, 50Hz, L/min 27 * See attachments catalogue for more
Maximum Weight of Attachment 105
Vertical Reach (mm) incl. Breaker 3200
Horizontal Reach (mm) incl. Breaker 2700