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Model: Brokk 520D

The Brokk 520D is a beast. With 40% more hitting power and the ability to size up attachments, this diesel powered machine outperforms everything it’s size. It is stronger, faster and has a longer reach – while keeping key compact dimensions of it’s predecessor Brokk 400D.

Adding the Brokk SmartConcept – the reliability of SmartPower™, the clever features of SmartDesign™, the ergonomics and productivity of SmartRemote™ – this machine is optimal for the heaviest of tasks in any industry. Meeting new emission standards, it is also the greenest diesel demolition robot on the planet.

Brokk 520D Brochure
Weight (kg) 5500 Hydraulic Hammer – BHB 705
Minimum Width (mm) 1600 Loading Bucket – 250 Litre
Minimum Height (mm) 1860 Drill – TEI MMB 360-240
Motor Output (kW) 55 D Concrete Crusher – CC700
Oil FLow, 50Hz, L/min 125 Grapple – D06HPX-45
Maximum Weight of Attachment 700  Scabbler/Drum Cutter – BDC250
Vertical Reach (mm) incl. Breaker 7100  * See attachments catalogue for more
Horizontal Reach (mmm) incl. Breaker 6700


brokk rock breaker SB-152 / SB 522

Rock Breaker SB 522

Hydraulic Drill


Bucket 250l