Model: Brokk 500

The new Brokk 500 brings 40% more demolition power than it’s predecessor. And it provides the ability to size up the attachments such as the powerful BHB 705 breaker. With the new reinforced design and additional work reach over the Brokk 400, while keeping about the same size and weight, it sets a new benchmark in power-to-size ratio in it’s segment. The Brokk 500 is equipped with Brokk SmartPower™, an intelligent, hardened electrical system that increases the power output for maximum performance and industry leading availability over the lifetime of the machine.

Brokk 500 Brochure
Weight (kg) 5200 Hydraulic Hammer – BHB 705
Minimum Width (mm) 1600 Loading Bucket – 250 Litre
Minimum Height (mm) 1677 Drill – TEI MMB360
Motor Output (kW) 41 Concrete Crusher – CC700
Oil FLow, 50Hz, L/min 115 Grapple – D06HPX-45
Maximum Weight of Attachment 700  Scabbler/Drum Cutter – BDC250
Vertical Reach (mm) incl. Breaker 7300  * See attachments catalogue for more
Horizontal Reach (mmm) incl. Breaker 7000


brokk rock breaker SB-152 / SB 522

Rock Breaker SB 522

Hydraulic Drill


Bucket 250l