Model: Brokk 300

The all new Brokk 300 is an impressive example of how quickly Brokk demolition robots evolve to meet the ever increasing demands of the industry. This new machine grew out of the legendary mid-sized Brokk machines, but Brokk SmartPower™ enabled it to take one big step up in power. Compared to it’s predecessor, the Brokk 300 brings a 40% stronger punch and it carries heavier and more powerful tools. With impressive power, reach and stability, this model is destined to become another legend in the industry.

Brokk 300 Brochure
Weight (kg) 3650 Hydraulic Hammer – SB302
Minimum Width (mm) 1200 Loading Bucket – 250 Litre
Minimum Height (mm) 1530 Drill – TEI MMB260
Motor Output (kW) 37 Concrete Crusher – CC520
Oil FLow, 50Hz, L/min 100 Grapple – D03HPX-40
Maximum Weight of Attachment 500  Scabbler/Drum Cutter – ER100
Vertical Reach (mm) incl. Breaker 6500  * See attachments catalogue for more
Horizontal Reach (mmm) incl. Breaker 6100
brokk rock breaker SB-152 / SB 522

SB 302

CC 520


Bucket 250 l

Beam Grapple