Model: Brokk 120D mkII

The BROKK 120D is flexibility without compromise. It’s the world’s smallest diesel-driven demolition machine. Its small size enables it to enter through any standard door opening and makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces. Running cordless, it’s driven by a powerful diesel engine that can operate for a minimum of eight hours without refueling. And all this flexibility comes without sacrificing any of the power or performance of its electrical sibling, the Brokk 110.

Brokk 120D Brochure
Weight (kg) 1230 Hydraulic Hammer – SB202
Minimum Width (mm) 780 Loading Bucket – 80 Litre
Minimum Height (mm) 1250 Drill – TEI MMB260
Motor Output (kW) 18.5 D Concrete Crusher – CC420
Oil FLow, L/min 50 Grapple – D02H
Maximum Weight of Attachment 160  Scabbler/Drum Cutter – ER100
Vertical Reach (mm) incl. Breaker 4300  * See attachments catalogue for more
Horizontal Reach (mmm) incl. Breaker 3700
brokk rock breaker SB-152 / SB 522




Hydraulic Drill