Ergo Controller

The power of Ergo

New intelligent sensing control that is insensitive for long hose lengths and completely free from settings. No sensitivity settings and sensing times to adjust. No cables, no sensors, but still possible to use if you want to. No lance turn time to sync, no manual speed adjusting knobs, everything syncs automatically. But still possible to adjust lance angle, oscillation, multiple traverses etc. IF YOU WANT TO.

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Ergo Climber

The sky is the limit

One person, one bolt and you are good to go! The Ergo Climber has spring loaded high friction rollers that grabs and climb on standard scaffolding pipes. Every possible situation can be solved by assemble standard scaffolding parts.

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Ergo Spine

Embrace the lightweight

The new Ergo Spine’s weight is reduced to half of the predecessor and a 2m rail weighs just 20 kg. But don’t let the weight fool you, it still handles the same reaction force as the steel rail.

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Ergo Go

Ready, set GO!

What do you need to perform a hydrodemolition operation or industrial cleaning work? Most would probably say some kind of programmable robot or heavy handheld lances. Some would also think of all the people and trucks they’ll need to operate and transport the equipment. There are also those who would think that meticulous safety precautions will make the work difficult, ineffective or even impossible. Well, they’re all wrong. All you need is Ergo Go.

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Ergo Rotolance Accessory

Triplets of surface preparation

The Ergo Rotolance is the perfect complement to the Ergo system. It will cover a lot of areas beyond the standard Ergo Power Head. Basically everything that is surface related, for example Industrial cleaning, surface preparation, concrete scarification and paint removal.

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