Aqua Cutter 410A

Small and destined for greatness

It’s small, compact and suitable for all kinds of operations. Most importantly, it gets the job done every time. With the help of an articulated arm you can reach horizontal, vertical and overhead areas easier than ever before. Meet the world’s smallest standard manufactured Hydrodemolition robot – the AQUA CUTTER 410A.

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Aqua Cutter 410V

The stuff of legends

The AQUA CUTTER 410V is a carefully balanced mix of our successful robots, 410A and 710V. It’s basically a combination of the worlds smallest and most versatile Hydrodemolition robots. In other words, you’ll get perfect results every time, wherever you work, especially in tight spaces.

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Aqua Cutter 710H

Groundbreaking efficiency

The AQUA CUTTER 710H is a Hydrodemolition robot for all kinds of horizontal operations. It’s a powerful ally in slab areas such as roads, bridges, parking garages and runways. When you’re in control it will do as you command. Basically, it provides efficiency and reliability whenever you start the engine.

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Aqua Cutter 710V/V XL

Master of versatility

The AQUA CUTTER 710V is the most versatile Hydrodemolition robot on the market, suitable for all kinds of operations. Our innovative design gives the operator freedom to reach all horizontal, vertical and overhead areas up to 7 meters without support. In other words, where most robots fail, the 710V will prevail. And if that’s not enough, this work of art has a giant sibling – the AQUA CUTTER 710V XL.

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Aqua Cutter Accessories

A full line of innovative accessories and attachments for all kinds of applications is available for the Aqua Cutters. The accessories make the Auqa Cutter even more flexible and efficient.

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