Demolition Tools and Equipment

DDE offers a range of specialised demolition and drilling equipment generally not found in mainstream equipment markets. Our supported products are used for specialised work across a range of industries including, but not limited to, construction, mining, metal processing, cement, nuclear, tunneling and rescue.

Although these products are from different corners of the globe, they complement each other perfectly with for example Brokk perfectly at home with many of the TEI Rock Drill attachments.

We aim to provide quality and reliability through superior engineering from our supply principals. You may find cheaper to purchase but you will not find more reliable and therefore ultimately cheaper to own over the long run.


Remote Controlled Demolition Machinery –¬†Manufactured in Skelleftea, Sweden.

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Drilling Attachments and Limited Access Rigs – Manufactured in Montrose, Colorado, USA

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Cutting Edge Hydrodemolition equipment manufactured in Holsbybrunn, Sweden.

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High quality, top performance concrete cutting equipment manufactured in Borlange, Sweden.

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