The DDE on premise workshop is fully equipped to carry out the service and repair of all Brokk, TEI and Kinshofer equipment. The DDE team of technicians led by Product and Support Manager, Andries van Niekerk, are fully trained on the specific mechanical, hydraulic and electrical intricasies of the DDE product range.

Field service vehicles allow the DDE technical team to also conduct most servicing and repairs to equipment on site minimising downtime and maximising the productivity you get from our products.

Our policy is to ensure (as far as is economically possible), to keep critical spares locally for all equipment in the field. Recommended and crtical spares lists from our suppliers are carefully studied, and combined with local experience to ensure the right parts are kept on local shelves. Spares are continuously profiled to ensure stock levels are kept appropriate to sales numbers. For any part not in local stock, our supply chain from Europe and the USA has been optimised to ensure delivery of urgent spares is usually possible within 3 to 4 days.