Brokk in Tunneling

Brokk robots are the ideal work method or utility tunnels, such as cable and water tunnels, and for tunnel enlargements. And in larger tunnels, Brokk machines are the preferred tool for cross passages, substations, safety niches, lining renovation. That’s why you see them on road, rail and subway tunnel projects across the world. A Brokk machine brings the perfect combination of power and accessibility to areas where space limitations make it impossible or impractical to use a larger machine. Remote-controlled operation, small size and extraordinary flexibility and reach provide incredible access and capability in confined spaces without sacrificing power.

The ability to use heavy duty attachments that normally are recommended for much heavier excavators makes the Brokk perfect for the tunneling industry. For example, a Brokk 400 (weighing just 5 tons) with a half-ton breaker gives you an unparalleled size-to-power ratio, outperforming excavators up to five times as big. And if that still isn’t enough, there is always the Brokk 800 with its 1,2 tons breaker to do the job. With a wide range of attachments, the Brokk machine easily handles a full range of tasks such as drilling, rock breaking, excavating, scaling, rock splitting, removal of debris, and even shot-creting. The Brokk robot is really one machine for all tasks, which will save on both machine investment costs and set up times at the work site. Whether the job is below the sea, on the ground or at thousands of feet in altitude, a Brokk delivers where other machines cannot.