Brokk in Rescue

Brokk machine. Brokk robots are the ideal work method for Hazardous environments come in many forms – explosive items, gas leaks and large fires are just a few examples. In these situations, the inherent dangers of the location and the work put humans at risk. That’s where a Brokk ensures safety and saves lives. A flexible, independent machine (whether electric or diesel) is the perfect solution for firefighting, mine clearance, nuclear applications, explosive ordnance disposal, or the aftermath of an earthquake – in short; any work where safety and reliability are the highest priority. Unlike typical EOD robots, even the smallest Brokk robot can perform heavy tasks, carry powerful tools and lift heavy items. That’s why Brokk machines were brought into Fukushima Daiichi NPP after the accident – real work needed to get done. Brokk offers reinforced, highly customizable machines to meet the punishing demands and harsh conditions of rescue applications. These machines are built for the most challenging environments. With the right Brokk, unsafe conditions become safe work environments.