Brokk in Construction

Construction demolition involves a wide range of jobs, from bathroom renovation to tearing down thick, reinforced concrete walls. The Brokk machine easily outperforms traditional demolition methods like concrete sawing, handheld tools and excavators because they are easy to get to the core at the worksite. Once they are there they can finish the job in a fraction of the time. Brokk machines are specially designed for confined spaces. The three-part arm system provides extraordinary flexibility and reach, and can be equipped with a variety of powerful attachments. When equipped with a crusher, the quiet, electric-powered hydraulics allow you to work during business hours or in areas with noise restrictions. What’s more, there are no exhaust fumes and less dust and vibration than with traditional methods. And due to the fact it´s so light and agile, it works in places where most other machines have difficulties. The Brokk will easily climb over debris or up a staircase or if you don´t like walking, you can take the Brokk machine floor-to floor in an elevator.