Brokk in Cement

Demolishing coating and brick linings is a job the Brokk was born to do. There’s simply no faster or safer method. The compact design makes access easy, while the remote control makes the work safe and quick. The operator can choose the best position for viewing the work, and because he’s not bothered by vibrations, fumes or the risk of collapsing material or hot coating, he’s much more efficient. With stable balance in all directions and easily adjustable power and frequency, the Brokk ensures precise operation without shell damage. The three-part arm system provides flexibility and reach.

Since the Brokk is heat resistant with well-protected cylinders and components, you can start the job earlier without risking breakdown due to heat. This reduces downtime and increases the profit. In an industry where every hour a kiln is down means a loss of profitable production, investing in a Brokk can pay for itself with the very first tearout.