Brokk in Metal Processing

Whether you need more power for cleaning a ladle, EAF, torpedo, BF runner, converter mouth, tundish, blast furnace, copper smelter, aluminum plant or other process work, you can trust Brokk to get the job done. Remote-controlled precision and tough durability make these machines the ideal tool for the high quality demolition work required in the process industry. The machines are very precise and it is not a problem to demolish the work lining without damaging the safety lining.

The Brokk machine combines compact design with optimum power to provide easy access and fast, efficient performance. The heat resistance (up to 300 degrees celcius, with forced draft cooling and heat resistant hoses) enables you to start the job earlier while minimizing breakdown problems. Since the operator controls the Brokk remotely, he can choose a working position that’s safe, comfortable and allows for the best possible view of the job. The strong, three-arm extension handles a wide range of powerful tools and allows for exceptional reach and power in all directions. And all this flexibility comes with Brokk’s proven performance record, ensuring that you can break and remove material without fear of damaging the machine.